Unimet only employs guards of the highest standard. All Unimet guards are appropriately licensed and have significant skills and experience. They all hold current first aid and OH&S certificates. All guards will undergo a general induction into your workplace and also a site specific induction

All guards are fluent in English and hold nationally recognised qualifications in security operations. Unimet guards are always equipped with appropriate equipment to complete all required tasks.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols operate 24/7. All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking for the safety of the team and to ensure compliance is being met with the customers requirements

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way to secure your business and ensure a speedy response to any unwanted, out of hours, intrusions to your site. This may include alarm verifications which can be both dangerous and time consuming for the client to handle alone

Services include: lock-up/unlock, cash in transit, alarm responses, escorts, internal/external inspections of premises and other special duties as required.

Cash in Transit

Unimet offers discreet and reliable cash in transit services that minimises risk to your business, people and customers. We offer you peace of mind by combining industry-leading security measures with honesty and reliability.

Your money will only be transported by our quality assured guards. The whereabouts and movements of your money is constantly monitored by our 24/7 control room through our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system.


Unimet has extensive experience in planning and managing security for special events of all sizes. We understand how to minimise disruption to your event while ensuring it remains safe and secure.

Unimet provided security solutions for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. This involved all levels of event security including crowd management, search and seizure, and mobile patrols.

K9 Dog Unit

Our dogs have become a regular feature at many venues. In many locations and under certain conditions, dogs not only provide a superior solution but are also more cost effective than most traditional measures.

A typical outdoor compound, housing a hundred or more vehicles, can be more effectively and economically controlled by a single man and dog team, rather than two or three static guards. With superior speed, agility, hearing, sight and sense of smell, dogs are better suited than humans to certain tasks and they perform amazingly well in dim or poorly lit areas.

Response Group

Unimet’s Security Response Group (SRG) has been rolled out alongside Unimet’s existing security services. We believe the SRG will be a valued addition to our clients' portfolio of services, complimenting and enhancing the protection of their people, property and assets.

Unimet’s SRG is a roving team of security specialists capable of managing complex security and safety issues. Integrating well into all venues and sites, the SRG can support you with skills and capabilities that exceed traditional guarding responses. The aim of the SRG is to create and extra layer of 24/7 support to your business/venue in times of need.


Unimet provides high level concierge services to our clients. Our staff are trained in customer service techniques, communication skills and presentation. This is achieved through Unimet’s in-house training facility which is updated regularly.

The concierge role is a professional ‘front of house’ service. In most cases our staff will be the first point of contact with your clients and customers, so a positive first impression is paramount.


Unimet Security own and operate a 24/7 security monitoring centre. It is staffed by a team of highly experienced and licensed security professionals who are extensively trained in conducting virtual security patrols.


Unimet uses our extensive experience to provide you with a thorough risk analysis, identifying and evaluating all security threats to your business, event or asset. We prepare a detailed report for you highlighting key areas of concern and recommendations for improvements. We also have a team of experienced personnel that can offer advice on all matters of corporate crime.

Aerial Security

Enhance your security operation with advanced drone technologies providing automatic guard tours, alarm dispatch and anomaly detection.

Self-flying security drones are an indispensable tool for a modern wide-area security operation. A smart aerial security system enables your guards to dispatch self flying drones. They automatically fly guard tours, use artificial intelligence to identify anomalies and notify all stakeholders.

Innovative in-feld communication and recording devices

In order to track guard movements, confrm attendance and facilitate the performance management and reporting processes, Unimet offers a number of in-feld communication and recording devices that can be dedicated to your business.

Industry leading probe system – ensures guards complete their routes.

Mobile computing solutions for every vehicle – every Unimet vehicle is equipped with a mobile computer with live GPS tracking allowing real time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Disciplined project management to ensure services are delivered on time and at the right quality

Unimet will apply its considerable project management experience to ensure all tasks are arried out on time, to the desired quality and within budget, while managing all foreseeable issues and risks.

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