Indigenous employment program

Unimet has a strong track record in developing and implementing programs that have delivered improved employment opportunities for indigenous Australians. We create employment opportunities, enhance business skills and provide economic and social benefits for indigenous communities.

Support of charities and community organisations

Unimet regularly provides both financial support and pro bono services to various charities and community organisations. Unimet have worked with the following organisations:

Company endorsed employee volunteering

The directors volunteer with the local Rural Fire Service and encourage our employees to volunteer their time to endorsed organisations within our local community.


Offset carbon emissions

Senior management have set an enterprise-wide goal of offsetting carbon emissions by the end of 2010. While we aim to minimise our environmental impact through the measures below, we are committed to offsetting our inevitable impacts. This is a real commitment with the full support of Unimet’s senior management.

Green our supply chain

Unimet is committed to doing business with those organisations with strong environmentally sustainability principles. We use our buying power to influence our suppliers and encourage them to pursue environmentally sustainable practices.

Efficient use of resources

We minimise resource consumption throughout our operation. The various elements of our resource minimisation strategy can be found below:


Automated lighting system; movement and daylight sensors to ensure lights are only on when needed.

IT power management regimes; set computer, printer and audio visual equipment sleep modes and disable screen savers

IT equipment procurement regime; incorporates ENERGY STAR considerations in all purchase decisions

Use of Toyota Yaris patrol vehicles as a result of their minimal environmental consumption.


Paperless fax system that drastically reduces paper consumption.

Recycled paper; approximately 71% of paper purchased by Unimet contains recycled content.

Digital fling system; encourage employees to store documents digitally to save paper and minimise space used for storage.

Digital communication; encourage email as the preferred method of communication as opposed to paper.


Default duplex print settings; reduces our paper consumption by almost 50% through default duplex printing settings on all printers.

Default black and white print settings; reduces cartridge and toner consumption.

Centralised printing centres; minimises the number of printers, allows greater control over settings and discourages unnecessary printing.

Multifunction centres; combining copiers, printers and scanners in one device minimises consumption.


Encourage video and teleconferencing; minimises travel for both employees and clients.

Offer telecommute options; where possible Unimet allows employees to work from anywhere, including home. We operate a secure virtual private network where employees can access our servers without travelling to the office.

Recycling initiatives

Company wide recycling; all paper products, glass, cans, plastic and printer cartridges are recycled Reminder signs; positive behavioural signs placed around the offce to remind employees to recycle.