Unimet focus on you, tailoring our services to meet your needs

Unimet exists to protect your people and assets. We are different as our approach focuses on you. We offer a professional yet personalised service delivering tailored security solutions to your needs. We take the time to understand you and provide unrivalled customer service. Our solutions are robust, reliable and underpinned by our commitment to you.

Committed and involved leadership team to ensure you receive the best services

Unimet leadership team has always been visible to all our clients and remains accountable for and engaged with delivery of all work. As a privately owned company, our leaders are also owners of the company; their dedication to you means that you receive the best support available. We will maintain open lines of communication ensuring you receive the services you need. Unimet will supply monthly reports and regular site visits from our management team.

Natalie Kisbee – Managing Director

Natalie has vast experience in sales and people management. Natalie’s responsibility extends to the financial, operational and risk profile of the entire business. Natalie provides direction whilst actively supporting and promoting company culture and values, she is committed to ensuring customer needs are met consistently. Natalie drives all aspects of marketing including product strategy to ensure that the desired service is delivered to the end user efficiently. Ardent about the business Natalie is unrelenting and committed in improving both the management and leadership capabilities of our team with practical ‘down to earth’ style direction, which family values are at the heart of an Australian owned and operated business.

A fast pace industry professional with over 25 years’ experience in Retail Security and Security Service industry, both locally and Internationally. Bill has intimate knowledge of Risk Management, Compliance and Preventing Loss, advising and managing major organisations around Australasia. Leading the company by bringing people and culture together with great experience and foremost driving change management, efficiency and building the brand. Passionate about the industry and paving the way for the best service experience for our customers, bringing another dimension to our organisation which is influential and energetic.

Adam has 20 years’ experience in the Security Industry. Responsible for the account management of Major Commercial, Industrial, Defence and Government contracts. Adam has also been involved as a major stakeholder in the operations of a large Security organisation where he was responsible for 300+ staff. His tasks were to meet client requests and obligations, financial targets, stake holder targets & meeting key performance indicators. He was also responsible for number of acquisitions and relocations. Adam’s role with Unimet Security as General Manager will see him use his 20 years of experience to assist in managing Unimet’s Commercial and Industrial contracts and maintain and expand Unimet’s growth in the industry as a premier provider.


Quality, Service and Integrity – No Compromise

Unimet Security was founded with the driving vision that every worker is entitled to a work place free from health and safety risks, and that the natural environment be should be preserved for future generations. We will provide our clients with systems and facilities that enable them to manage and minimise their losses and control their security issues. We aim to be the premier provider of security services in Australia.


We have a responsibility to provide our clients with the highest quality products available, exceptional customer service and value for money. We never compromise on the quality of the services that we provide or the integrity of our ethics and principles. We will always aim to meet and exceed our clients service and delivery expectations.


We recognise that our staff is our greatest asset. We aim to provide a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable work environment in which creativity, innovation and accomplishment thrive and are acknowledged. We aim to be the employer of choice for professionals in the areas of security and loss prevention.


We have a responsibility to the shareholders of the company to return a proft commensurate with their level of investment. However, while the company must be proftable to be viable, the overriding principle of quality, service and integrity will not be sacrifced in order to maximise profts.


Proven track record in the delivery of high quality service

Unimet boasts a strong history of high quality service based on a robust business model which we are committed to further developing. Historically there have been four key elements to this:

1. Certifed Quality Management System complying with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008

2. Low turnover of key personnel, based on a strong staff retention policy resulting in the development of specialist capability and strong relationships. All members of the senior management team have been with the company for more than 5 years.

3. Committed skilled and licensed senior management and supervisors regularly inspecting sites and personnel to ensure quality service is being provided

4. Dedication to continuous improvement initiatives enhancing and refning the delivery of service and measured by gains in quality, effciency and effectiveness.


Unimet Security Pty Ltd maintains the following insurances:

Public Liability – $20,000,000.00

Professional Indemnity – $10,000,000.00

Workers Compensation – as per statutory requirements

All certifcates of currency can be provided upon request.


We deliver industry leading services to our clients – securing their people, property and assets to the highest standard. Our commitment to quality can be seen in our certifcation to ISO 9001:2008 and our membership of the Security Providers Association of Australia Ltd (SPAAL). Our client focus has resulted in various long-term partnering relationships with our customers.